Clee Magazine uses meaningful photography to reflect real life in all its beauty and its imperfections. Its mission is to stir social consciousness and advocate against the injustices within our global community.

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Clee strives to go beyond the ordinary with high impact content, great photography and a digital version that is rich with interactive elements, such as video, audio, animations, rollovers, pop-ups and more.

Clee Magazine offers the reader a visual and thought-provoking experience. There are three core themes: Woman, Di-vur'si-te

and Wild-Life. It is the celebration of each; the beauty, the accomplishment, the importance. It is also a look at the flipside; the injustice, the violence, the bias.

Next up: Wild-Life. A look at animals living free, animals living in captivity, the faces and the passion of those who give voice to the voiceless and the growing movement toward veganism.

Organic. No Rules. Marching Only to the Creative Beat.

Clee Magazine is not subscription based. It is not monthly. It is not quarterly. It is not annually. It is creative, organic, and makes its own rules. Every issue is released when the content reflects the true essence of its theme. Four issues a year is the goal.

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Release date: October 2019

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